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By August 26, 2016Family

This couple amazes me every day.  My niece and her sweet husband are such a great example of faith, perseverance, hard work, and knowing that anything can happen if you put yourself in the Lord’s hands.  Over a year ago, Jared was in a horrible accident just one week before they were supposed to be wed.  Dreams, plans, jobs, aspirations…put on hold due to tragedy.  My niece has shown such strength and unconditional love, and hasnever left his side.  Today…they prove they are stronger than ever!  My heart overflows with happiness seeing them laughing together, proving that this trial is but a small moment and laughter is the best medicine!  Jared is making leaps and bounds in his recovery and once again…his bride is by his side with every move he progresses forward.  Thank you Jared and Audrey…for being such an example to all of us how powerful marriage, love, growth in trials, and most of all FAITH and PRAYER can be in our lives!  LOVE YOU!





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