Two Brothers. Two Missions. Two Years. One purpose. | Utah Missionary Photographer

By December 4, 2013Individuals

Meet my two sons.  One I gave birth to and the other, my step-son from a previous marriage…I was blessed to help raise since birth.  I love them more than words.  My heart is full knowing that these two brothers, these two BEST friends put in their papers at the same time and will serve almost the exact same two years.  They love each other so much that all I heard when they were growing up was that they didn’t want to NOT see each other for 3 years.  Now that won’t happen.  I am SO proud of these two!  I know in a few months my excitement will be tears as I have to say goodbye for two years but I know that saying goodbye and letting my sons go for that time means that others will get to be with their families for eternity.  There is a great work to be done and I am grateful to know two worthy young men, able and willing to heed the call.

Shawn & Andrew Mission Pics AndrewShawnMish-107 AndrewShawnMish-201 AndrewShawnMish-240 AndrewShawnMish-223AndrewShawnMish-8 AndrewShawnMish-25 AndrewShawnMish-42 AndrewShawnMish-51 AndrewShawnMish-61 AndrewShawnMish-92 AndrewShawnMish-118 AndrewShawnMish-129 AndrewShawnMish-162 AndrewShawnMish-168 AndrewShawnMish-178 AndrewShawnMish-234 AndrewShawnMish-261 AndrewShawnMish-263 AndrewShawnMish-183 AndrewShawnMish-216 AndrewShawnMish-96