Stand and Be Not Moved | Utah Missionary Photographer

By November 1, 2013Individuals

Abby is one of my young women and a what a very strong young woman she is.  I knew I liked her as soon as she flashed that million dollar smile.  You could say…”she had me at hello”.  I gained so much respect for her when she told me how she didn’t completely live up to her potential she knew she could be in High School and wish she had taken the time to get to know others better.  It takes a lot of courage and humbleness to recognize and strive to become better.  I have so much admiration for sweet Abby.  She walks the walk and talks the talk.  She is going to be an A…MAZING missionary.  She is ready for the call, ready to share the gospel, and will simply SHINE wherever she goes.  She knows she is needed by her Father in Heaven and she is heeding the call.  When I think of our young women’s theme…  “Stand ye in Holy Places, and be not moved”…I think of Abby.  Thank you for the example you are…for how REAL you are, and for being the YOU that everyone loves and adores.  You truly evoke beauty inside and out my sweet girl.

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