Quality NOT Quantity | A note from the Photographer

By May 16, 2014Family, Uncategorized

Instead of the regular picture post today, I felt inspired to share some insight and truth as to why I choose certain aspects to my business differently than other photographers.  The reasoning behind this was not to compare nor pick at another, but only to communicate to the public, a question I have been asked so many times in my 16 years of doing my profession.  So here goes…



“Kelly, why do you only give a set amount of pictures in your sessions and not ALL of the ones you take, to your client?”  That’s a really good question.  Here is what I have to say about that.  The simple, cut straight to the center answer would be: Like any profession, you pay a fee and get a service.  That fee pays for said amount of stated gifts/product just like if you were to pay for a TV, you would pay the full price and in turn drive home with everything in the package (that was stated on the box that was included).  Now here is my version…I cannot speak for other photographers, but this is how I feel about my work and also how I feel about when I choose and find a photographer for MY family portraits.


Basically, as a photographer I do not believe in giving away the cow and the milk for free when I work really hard to do what I do.  I paid a lot of money for my camera, equipment, pay thousands of dollars a year on workshops to up my game and become a better photographer (which I can always become better).  I spend endless hours editing portraits of families/seniors/babies/children.  But when it comes to the ultimate question of HOW MANY PICTURES to give away… I do not like to give UNEDITED pictures of my work away for someone else to show to everyone.  For one, I want the best representation of my work out there…and that would NOT be it.  Two, let’s be honest…if I gave you 100 pictures…how many would REALLY end up on your wall?  MAYBE 5.  The rest sit on the disc collecting dust?  So why is everyone so consumed with quantity and not quality?  That is the question that we need to ask ourselves.  I understand everyone wants a good deal these days.  But not every good deal looks the same and definitely when it comes to photography…more pictures does NOT always equal a better deal.

I have a few photographer friends who have started giving all their pictures along with the edited ones, not because they wanted to, but because they were being bugged about it so much they gave in.  This is our job as well as our passion…our livelihood.  We feed our families with this job just like you do with yours.  I hope everyone will think twice about this when looking around for a photographer this year for family pictures, newborns, or for a birthday shoot.  Sure…some might do it on the side, but a lot of us…this is our job.  Please be mindful of that.

Best wishes on finding quality this year…XOXO,