Kennedy Turns One | Utah Children’s Photographer

By March 15, 2014Children

Little miss Kennedy is the apple of her parents’ eye.  She is A..DORABLE and is one spunky, vivacious little miss!  I had so much fun shooting her one year old session in the beautiful weather.  You can just see how happy she was to be outside and free to roam!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY little one!

Kennedyturns1-173 Kennedyturns1-231

I could not get enough of her darling personality!  Can you tell?Kennedyturns1-222

Those eyes…Kennedyturns1-219

This teddy bear was her daddy’s when he was little.  I bet it makes his heart melt to see her SO attached to it!Kennedyturns1-207

Some mommy love!Kennedyturns1-197 Kennedyturns1-162 Kennedyturns1-148 Kennedyturns1-136 Kennedyturns1-110 Kennedyturns1-86 Kennedyturns1-78 Kennedyturns1-62 Kennedyturns1-43 Kennedyturns1-32 Kennedyturns1-27 Kennedyturns1-26 Kennedyturns1-9 Kennedyturns1-5

What a FUN day!  Thanks for the smiles sweet baby!