Barton Littles | Utah Children’s Photographer

By March 15, 2014Children

I have been late (yes, by a month) putting these up, but I couldn’t wait any longer.  These kids are so yummy and I had to share!  These are my friends’ kiddos and I always find it a pleasure taking their photos.  I LOVE how these shoots are always so laid back and enjoyable!  Although it was cold outside, these guys were troopers!

Such a little stud muffin!


Delacruz&BartonValentine-180 Delacruz&BartonValentine-183

I LOVE this antique chair Annette brought so I thought I’d do it justice and put a vintage twist on it!Delacruz&BartonValentine-253

This beautiful girl is growing up too fast!  Delacruz&BartonValentine-244

Delacruz&BartonValentine-235 Delacruz&BartonValentine-208

Valentine’s fun…mom had to get in on the action;)Delacruz&BartonValentine-204

These sibs are the cutest!Delacruz&BartonValentine-193 Delacruz&BartonValentine-172 Delacruz&BartonValentine-157 Delacruz&BartonValentine-154 Delacruz&BartonValentine-151

He melts my heart I tell ya.Delacruz&BartonValentine-150

What is a shoot without Wall-e?Delacruz&BartonValentine-142 Delacruz&BartonValentine-133

Just hangin’ with his friend…Delacruz&BartonValentine-120 Delacruz&BartonValentine-105

such sweet innocence…
Delacruz&BartonValentine-101 Delacruz&BartonValentine-71 Delacruz&BartonValentine-77 Delacruz&BartonValentine-81 Delacruz&BartonValentine-84 Delacruz&BartonValentine-66

Delacruz&BartonValentine-68 Delacruz&BartonValentine-129

Another vintage shot…LOVEDelacruz&BartonValentine-223

Thanks Barton beauties!  You always make my job EASY!