Baby looks great on her | Utah Maternity Photographer

By October 12, 2013Maternity


My friend Cassie looks AMAZING while pregnant.  I can’t believe she doesn’t think so!  I only WISH I looked that good!  I always love photographing her and her sweet family.  I am their number one fan when it comes to their gorgeous red hair!  When I think of pictures I always think of her and JUMP at the chance to photograph her!  I loved this session, I love these people, I LOVE Cassie!CassieMaternity-20 CassieMaternity-50 CassieMaternity-54 CassieMaternity-89 CassieMaternity-101 CassieMaternity-111 CassieMaternity-117 CassieMaternity-124 CassieMaternity-137 CassieMaternity-164 CassieMaternity-166BW CassieMaternity-169 CassieMaternity-173 CassieMaternity-189 CassieMaternity-202