Mother of three beautiful boys and wife to the most AMAZING man I know! They are my EVERYTHING and that is what my life revolves around. I’m a goof through and through…(just ask my kids!) I studied photography at Salt Lake Community College…but fell in love with it a long time before! I reside in Utah County but have traveled all over this beautiful State (and out) for portrait sessions. My passions…other than my hubby (snicker), are capturing others’ moments of happiness, LOVE, quirkiness, and pure joy that will remain timeless for years to come.

A Message
to my clients

Several years ago I lost my sweet mother and niece in a tragic car accident. My oldest sister had 5 beautiful boys at the time and finally gave birth to twin girls. I had been bugging her to get family pictures done for months since their birth, but only got the common excuse…”I need to lose some weight first” or “We need to get some new outfits first”. After the accident and the loss of one of her precious daughters she was so devastated that simple things got in the way of her family having that one last portrait all together. They can never get that back.

My mission from that day on was to remind all of you that you are beautiful…JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, here and now… to not let these fleeting moments go by without creating your special memories. My promise to you is that I will do my best to capture the moments, the love, the FUN, and the connection that you cherish with your family so you may enjoy 
it for years to come!